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Redefining the way you Buy and Sell Condos in Edmonton!

Redefining what Today’s Real Estate service means to you!  We are: 
  1. Passionate Edmontonians who serve those in the Edmonton Real Estate market looking for extraordinary service from their Real Estate Professional. 
  2. Dedicated local market expert who strive to always be steps ahead by incorporating the best technologies, up-to-date market knowledge and experience to help find you the right opportunity you need! 
  3. Advance the best interest and perception of professional Real Estate Service by breaking past your pre-set expectations of working with a REALTOR® and exceeding our promises to you in getting the job done effectively and efficiently.

Working together to help Buy your Condominium...

Determining the best options available for you

The start of your search is a vital step in making sure we start the journey heading in the right direction. Taking a strategic approach with our Home Buyer's meeting, we sit down together to evaluate the opportunities in the market. By studying the current market, we can figure out what the market is doing in terms of your criteria and determine together what fair market value would be in the foreseeable future!

Proper Mortgage Pre-approval can go a long way

You hear a lot of talk about the importance of getting your mortgage pre-approval
done before your search... We want to cover why it is important to make sure you have a Pre-Approval done rather than just a simple Pre-Qualification. Having a pre-approval in hand helps us direct your search in the right direction, give you the negotiating power once we found your new home and help you eliminate as much stress as possible during our due diligence period working through our conditions!

Protect your biggest investment

There are so many little steps along the way where we make sure we preemptively help make sure this is the best investment for you. From working together with builders on your pre-warranty walk throughreviewing the Real Property Report (RPR)understanding your Titlequestions you should ask the home inspector and partnering with the right lawyer to help see your purchase through

Negotiating the best Terms and Conditions possible

Negotiating for your new home is less of an artform and more like managing an entire circus act. There are so many different little elements to consider where we have to make sure the entire process goes together smoothly. It starts with deeply understanding what your needs and wants are and putting together a clear, precise process we can follow to help you become a new home owner with the least amount of stress possible!

We take care of you every step of the way

Treating your home like my own home, you can count on us as real market experts dedicated to handcrafting the very best experience possible.  Specializing in the condominium market means we can bring to the table expertise to help guide you to all the options that would work for you.  Our hand selected team is experienced, share our passion for hard work/customer service and we do everything we can to leave you with a sales experience you are proud to be part of!

Count on us to help Sell your Condominium...

Determining the marketability of your home

Every home is different and special. Let's take the time to sit down together and have an open and honest conversation to make sure we are on the same page. Our initial home evaluation meeting does just that, the idea is to minimize the stress and truly listen to what is most important for you.  This is likely one of your biggest asset and a decision hire the right person should not be taken lightly. By interpreting the market together to see where your home fits, we can come up with the right strategy that matches your intentions and do everything we can to obtain the right outcome.

Setting Realistic Expectations of us working together

The best working relationship starts with an understanding what each party expects out of each other. I often say that I am not a magician showing you tricks but a Real Estate Professional to help by properly interpreting the market and crafting the experience we need to help get your home sold. While many may come with wild promises and past attributes that have nothing to do with the unique characteristics of your home, we will set forth a honest, realistic ground works of what we will do to help get the word out and focus on an experience that will get you as many opportunities to sell your home as possible!

Making your home stand out

In order for your home to sell, it would have to be seen! Almost every buyer on the market rely on the internet to find their new home, we have committed our entire sales program to making sure your home have an incredible online presence! From having captivating interior photos, modern enticing exterior lifestyle photos, enticing description to a vast social media following that we help get your home to, our selling program does everything possible to make your home stand out from the thousands of other listings a potential buyer may see to compare your home to!  
We are also one of the rare agents that use custom signage with your listing photos to help make your home seen to those walking by. 

A winning offer is all about the final step where we can successfully turn over your keys to the new buyer after working with you every step of the the way to midgate any roadblocks and challenges that may come up.  Your winning offer greatly depends on your interest and what you want the outcome would be. You can count on us to listen, be honest and deliver options for you to choose towards the outcome you would like happen!

Seeing the sale through every step of the way

Every sale is unique depending on what you would like to see happen! By being the professional you can count on we look at our experience as a way to guide you through the process and  bring together all the tools you need to help see you through to the next stage of your lifeWe take this business seriously and hold ourselves accountable to everything we promise we will do, we know we are the right team for you if you want your home to stand out and get noticed with the ultimate goal of seeing the sale of your home through!

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