1. How did you find out about the team? Morgan Vandruten (my childhood friend who is also our team’s client care manager), she heard I had finished up my Real Estate schooling and reached out to set up a meeting to come in and meet Jakie. I didn’t visit any other brokerage or team, I knew this was the perfect fit!
    2. What was your first year in Real Estate like? LOL stressful… But so rewarding
    3. What is your favourite moment in your first year of Real Estate? My favourite moment was by far putting together my first deal, which of course happened to be Jakie’s sub-penthouse listing. A few behind the scene meltdowns later and we had ourselves a deal! Yahoo!
    4. What was your biggest challenge? My biggest challenge was for sure dealing with the stress of constantly learning and being overwhelmed.. Patio’s helped 🙂
    5. What inspire you to keep going everyday? My clients 100%. It is the people I am so thankful to work with everyday that continue to push me to hold a higher standard of care and customer service.
    6. Any advice you can tell someone going through Real Estate school right now about their first year? Be ready for a god damn whirlwind of unknowns, I would highly, highly recommend joining a team.
    7. What do you like most being on the team? What I love most about being on the team is having all these amazing people to help answer my never ending amount of questions or help me through difficult situations both with work and my personal life (you guys really are the best!).
    8. How would do things differently in your 2nd year? Take a few deep breaths and step back and realize that some unexpected things that come up don’t need to be taken care of right that moment.
    9. A penguin walks through that door right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here? “Oh hiiiii, who wants a cocktail?!?!” He is here to be our little drink butler.

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