COVID-19 ADJUSTMENTS to our business

Key Priorities:

  1. Safety first! To comply with all safety protocols to maintain social distancing and minimize unnecessary contact to prevent the spread of the virus.
  2. Maintain an effective level of viable service! Continue to safely service our clients who are counting on us to deliver on their real estate needs.
  3. Create options and innovate to produce results! Explore new and innovative ways to be productive using all means necessary to yield results for our customers.

Adjusting to our new reality.

Covid-19 isn't going to stop. it is going to have a profound, massive impact not just the Edmonton market but the world. With talks of massive job losses, stock dropping and governments taking aggressive, never before seen, measures to isolate and contain the outbreak, the sooner we prepare ourselves to this new reality, the better we are at seeing the opportunities.  The adjustment period will include but not limit to:
  1. Adjusting to the safety emergency protocols of non-essential services being closed, borders closed and limited capacity to travel and move while most services are work from home.
  2. Preparing for the foreseeable future financially with lay offs coming for most sectors, there is substantial financial assistance offerings available but you'll need to ask and know where to look.
  3. The volatility of the stock market and low oil prices might make investors rethink where it is safe to direct their investments whether is back into buying stocks or look to see if real estate might be a safer longer term investment.

Maintaining the Highest Level of Safety Protocols.

We have been following the spread of COVID-19 since late December 2019 and have been following closely to this outbreak as it spreads across the world.  Precautions we will take will incorporate the latest considerations determined by Alberta Health Services and City of Edmonton. Essentially, the plan in place is to curb the spread of the the infection so that health services will not be over ran.  Early measures such as closing all recreation facilities, schools, minimizing gatherings, shelter in place protocols and closing non-essential services etc, will help. Here's how we will adjust to limit our exposure/risk and be part of the solution rather than become the problem:
  1. I have eliminated non essential travel as much as possible. We do our best to support our local grocers to avoid larger crowds you may find at major chains. 
  2. Almost all of our meetings can be done online through Zoom, Whatsapp, Messenger or Instagram.  Let me know what works best for you and we can make it work.
  3. We can further record the viewing and send it to you for consideration and review. Once you had a chance to see, you can decide the best course of follow up action.
  4. Showings can happen by the above mentioned video servicing. We already have the buying process in place that can efficiently organized your search so that we can focus on determining a strong set of criteria to focus our attention on options that best fit, eliminate further options that may not work or buildings that are not of interest and lastly, decide on a list of best option to view. 
  5. Please note until otherwise noted, we will only work with clients who have a strong urgency to purchase and have been fully pre-approved by their lender. This re-assurance helps make sure those who we have contact with are of urgent needs and minimize any non-essential travel as required.

Accepting Showings on your home.

Maintaining strong safety protocols might be more challenging in this as it is also up to the buyer's agent and their clients to have met their own set of safety requirements prior to entering your home.  Here are some directives we have relayed for our customers:
  1. Continuing listing your home is 100% optional. Should you choose to hold off on selling right now, let us know and we can go over the options best fit for you.
  2. Maintain an elevated level of heightened cleanliness. We advise wiping down all services with antibacterial solution. This will include all handles, windows, floors, countertops and bathroom.  Covid-19 can survive on hard surfaces up to 2 days. It is best to do a deep clean before and after the showing.  
  3. Elevated pre-qualification of the buyer on any seller occupied listings, we will make sure the urgency is there and to relay that we will take the proper pre-cautions necessary ahead of their visit. 
  4. Provide hand sanitizer if available.  
  5. Mandatory removal of all foot wear prior to entry of the home to minimize bringing in foreign contamination. 
  6. You have 100% right to deny or re-schedule the showing should you not be able to meet these standards. Let me know and we can visit the best options together!
Showings are now a team effort to help protect you, your family, the agent and their clients together!

How will this affect the Edmonton Real Estate market?

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